Another Tie Rod End

April, 2006

While working on the brakes I found that the inner tie rod end on the drivers side was worn.  The good news is that I think this is the last one I will need to replace.

New tie rod end from Steven Allen Studebaker.  A little rusty but usable.
Here is the old tie rod end.  I had the nut off at this point.  Seriously greasy.

I put my puller on it and popped the end out.  Just like last time I removed the other end of the rod at the steering knuckle so I could work on the tie rod on the bench.

To keep the alignment correct I measured and marked the distance from the center of the grease fitting hole so I can put the new end at the same spot.

Next I removed the old tie rod end and cleaned the tie rod and clamp.  After that I installed the new end until it was at the same position as the old one.  Then I tightened the clamp and installed a grease fitting and greased it up.

Then I re-installed the tie rod with new cotter pins.  Looks like a winner.