Front Suspension Teardown
Steering Work
Suspension Repairs
Suspension Cleanup
Fuel Line
Front Suspension Assembly

Front Suspension

9/18/2010 to 10/12/2010

The car's handling has gotten a bit more squirrelly than usual.  Not that it was ever great.  I have replaced all the worn tie rod ends but it is time to fix up everything else.  My initial plan was to rebuild the kingpins and replace all the bushings in the control arms.  Plans change though...

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First step is to tear it apart. This involved an impact wrench, a major error, and a BFH.
Next on the agenda are some steering linkage issues
There is some damage to the front suspension that needs to be addressed
Lots of cleaning and painting to do too. 
With the front suspension out of the way I can finally correctly route the fuel line at the front of the car.  Then I can install the front engine pan!
Enough fun for one month.  Lets put this sucker back together.