Dipstick Tube

5-7-2009 to 5-20-2009

The rear freeze plug is right behind the oil filler tube. The tube is just a friction fit into the block but I could not wiggle it out with a strap wrench and bad language. I could get the freeze plug out with the tube in place but to get the new plug in I will have to pull this tube. I will try clamping blocks to the tube and tapping them with a hammer. I just hope it is not glued in somehow. There is also a large dent in the tube I will try to take care of.
This is my first half-assed attempt to get the dipstick tube out of the block. I clamped this metal bit to the tube and beat on it. No joy. I also tried a strap wrench, a wooden block and hammer, and a lot of cussing. I was not sure how to get this guy out so I set it aside until I got the oil pan out of the way.
This is a much better idea. I found a socket the same diameter as the dipstick tube and smacked it with a 2×4 a couple of times. The tube slid right out. I think the 2×4 will be the installation tool of choice as well.
This is a very fuzzy shot of the dent on the tube. You can see it is almost kinked. From the shape of the dent I conclude my father was trying to change a freeze plug with this tube in the way and did something unspeakable to the tube. Or maybe he told me that is what happened.
Keeping with my socket abuse theme I started pounding sockets though the tube. I started with one that almost fit though and gradually increased sizes until I got to this one that barely fit though. Each socket acted as a mandrel to force the dent out. The tube was held squarely on a board to prevent further damage.
Here is the after shot. There is still a tiny crease in the side but not enough to worry about. I did not want to get too aggressive and risk causing a problem. When this is in the car nobody will n


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  1. I used a piece of PVC tubing wrapped with duct tape so if was a very tight fit for inside the tube. Then I used an exhaust pipe clamp and a hose clamp for good measure on the outside of the tube. I borrowed a 5 pound slide hammer from the local auto parts store. Using two outside hooks I was able to remove the tube undamaged with the slide hammer.

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