Rear seat installed

Last night I got the third brake light installed but did not install the rear seat. Part of the reason is that there has been a loud squeak coming from back there and I want to take a stab at fixing it.

I think this is where it is coming from. There are two of these hooks on the body of the car.
The round bar at the top just sits in those hooks. I think that is where the squeak is coming from.
After contemplating the problem for a while I came up with this. It fits nicely around the rod in the seat back and also fits well in the mounting hooks.
I cut a couple inches of tubing, split them, and put them in place.
I slid the rod into the hooks and installed the screws that hold the back in place. I could not make it move, but we will see.
All back together. The brake light is not TOO noticeable and seems to be staying in place very well. We will try it out and see.

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