Fuel Tank

September 25, 2005 to October 22, 2005In spite of the carb rebuild, fuel filter, and fuel pump the car would still vapor lock and die.  This would only happen after driving the car for a while which led to some tedious time by the side of the road.  I finally decided it was time to fix the rest of the fuel system.  I had noticed rust in the sediment bowl so I knew the tank had rust in it.  I decided I would pull the tank, fix the rust with a kit from POR-15, and see what the fuel line looked like.The project looked like a weekend or two of work.  As things developed it turned into a mind-numbing, back-breaking, finger-blistering month of sheer joy.  So much happened I am going to split it up into several pages.




Fuel Tank
Gas Gauge Sensor
Under-body and Frame Around Tank
Fuel Line

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