Interior Plastic

2/9/2013 – 2/13/2013

When I ordered my new steering wheel I also ordered reproduction plastic parts for the interior. Here are all the new bits. Two window crank knobs, 4 escutcheons, a temperature control knob, and a headlight knob

The old parts were in pretty rough shape. Here is an old escutcheon and a new one.

And the old and new headlight knobs. It is amazing how much the old knob shrunk over the years.

The only tricky part about all of this is the window crank handle knobs. The old knobs were riveted to the handle. I drilled out the rivits and got the old knobs off more or less intact.

The new knobs have a soft metal shaft on them and came with a washer that just barely fit over the shaft. The idea is to put the shaft through the handle, put the washer over it, and peen the end of the shaft over. Initially I was going to use a center punch for this. Then I spotted the nice concave end of this bolt.

The bolt made a really nice formed head on the shaft. Sometimes my ideas work out.

This was easier than I thought.

The only problem with this is the new plastic makes the rest of the door panel look a bit ratty.

The headlight switch on the other hand looks nice.


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