Broken window crank handle

So this happened…

I purchased reproduction interior plastic bits back in 2013.  The knob attached to the crank by peening the soft metal shaft of the knob over.  This has come apart multiple times but I was always able to tap it enough to get it to stay on.  This time the special washer that goes behind the handle vanished so I will have to figure something else out.

Here are the parts I did not lose.  The shaft for the knob is getting pretty ratty.  There is not really enough metal to just bend it over again.

So here is plan B.  I found a washer that is pretty close, a screw, and a tap that matches the screw.  I will drill out the shaft of the knob and tap it.  Then the screw and washer can hold it on, hopefully forever.

First problem is getting the knob to sit flat so I can drill right down the middle.  I basically eyeballed it.  To improve my odds I used a center drill to start the hole.  A lathe would have worked a lot better than my drill press but you use what you have.

Hole drilled OK so then I tapped it.  I don’t have a bottom tap and the metal of the shaft is something really soft like tin.   I threaded it as deep as i dared.

To improve my odds even more I used red Loctite when I put the screw in.  It looks pretty good but the shaft is really soft and I drilled out a lot of it.

Fixed?  Maybe?  It seems good now.  If this breaks I can do two things.  First, buy another handle.  Second I could drill out the entire shaft and epoxy a brass shaft into the plastic handle.  That would be strong enough to drill and tap. I would need a lathe to make the brass shaft but I am working on that.

UPDATE:  Right after I finished doing all this I found the original washer in the driveway.  Still I don’t feel too bad about this.


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