Front Suspension Cleanup

9/25/2010 to 10/5/2010

Cleaning, painting, painting, and a little painting.

I did not take any pictures of my cleaning all the parts I removed. Just be glad you missed the fun of scraping, wire brushing, and cleaning all the parts. I did take some pictures of the frame rail. The driver’s side has some surface rust but the passenger side still had the factory paint under the crud and old undercoat. Lots of scraping and compressed air made it look much cleaner.
This is just the crap from one side. Once the loose debris were gone I scrubbed the metal down with kerosene to clean it. Then naphtha to get the kerosene off. This picture shows the kerosene-soaked frame rail. Once everything was clean I left it to dry and went to work on all the loose parts.
I did not want to get the parts mixed up. I laid everything out in the driveway. Then I had a really good idea. I wired a scrap of pegboard to the milk crates and used pegboard hooks to hang the painted parts. I really wanted to use some Eastwood rust encapsulating paint left over from the engine teardown last year. But it looked like cottage cheese so I switched to Rust-Oleum primer.
Same thing on the frame rails.

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