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I have always been curious about the history of my car. How my grandparents obtained it is a mystery as is who modified it. Heck, I did not even know how much it was modified.

Some time ago I heard that the Studebaker National Museum in South Bend, IN had the original production orders for most Studebakers. For a fee ($40 for pre-1960 cars) they will send a copy to you. $40 for a piece of paper seemed a little steep but where else can I get this information? I called them up and gave them the serial number of my car and a credit card.

I will show it to you for free though. Click on the image for a full size version. The interesting data is summarized below. I blacked out the key codes because I am a paranoid lunatic.

Paint No. 1918 DAWN GRAY
Trim No. 4776 BG CLOTH
Factory Order No. A-44837
Date Written 12-6-40
Sales Order No. 11003
Engine No. 133838
Model and Body Type 3G-Q3S
Destination GREENSBURG, PA
Date Shipped 12-11-40
Other Special Chassis Features HILL HOLDER, AC 1040 CLIMATIZER

My grandparents lived within spitting distance of Greensburg so this car did not go far. It is nice to know that the car still has the original engine. But the only “Dawn Gray” on the car is the spare wheel.

I wonder if they built the car in 5 days or if it was in stock? It turns out 12/6/1940 was a Friday so if they did build it in that time they built and shipped the car in three days (four if they worked Saturdays)!

Update: After finding more dates on the block and head I suspect the “Date Shipped” is the date the order shipped to production.


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