Going Places

This page was getting big so I decided to break out car shows into separate pages off this page. Cool pictures of the Stude will still be added here though.

July 4, 2004

Here is the car on July 4, 2004. We did not drive it in the parade but we drove NEAR the parade! Next year…

Notice I have the hubcaps on, chrome polished, and the car is washed and waxed. The trunk leaks like a sieve.

October 17, 2004

I took some pictures today of the car with some fall foliage. I wanted full sun on the car and nice colored leaves for a background. Not easy to find so I just was forced to drive around town until I found a good spot. I was really suffering.

December 12, 2005

Really pretty snow on this day so I put the car out on the driveway and took some pictures.

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