Carburetor Adjustment

Carburetor Adjustments

Carburetor Adjustments

When I took the car out for International Drive Your Studebaker Day I noticed a strong smell of gasoline when I parked the car.
A quick look under the hood showed fuel has been running out of the carburetor and over the intake manifold. I have not really done anything with the carb since I rebuilt it 8 years ago so I popped it off to take a look.

Looks like some gas has been seeping out around the bowl of the carburetor.
Time to check the float and needle valve.

A few screws and things come right apart.
Looks like a little bit of debris in the bowl.

The float is adjusted so the top of the seam is 1/4 inch from the raised boss on the cover. Mine was a bit off. Everything else looked good.

After cleaning the carb with choke cleaner I put it back on the car.  I adjusted the fast idle and choke as well. Car seems to run great.


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