2005 Car Shows

July 23, 2005

“Blast From the Past Cruise In”, Delaware, OH

This is my first car show and it is right in my hometown. Our car looks right at home (more so than that lame-as-they-got Vette). Sadly my Champ was the only Studebaker I saw. However I proved my hood ornament is off a 49 Ford Convertible. I guess that annoyed the owner of the 49 Ford next to my car because he left right before I took this shot.
There were a few cars there. Like 700+. The line of cars went down more than a mile and there were cars in parking lots and off on side streets as well. More than a few of these cars built by people with more horsepower than brains but also some amazing classic cars.
If I had to pick favorites this would be right up there. This is a Daimler Ferret armored (OK, armoured) scout car. Looked pretty evil rolling up and down the street.
Another favorite was this perfect Buick Roadmaster Convertible. Straight-8 engine, spotless chrome, perfect interior. If Buick built a car this pretty today people younger than 60 would buy them.


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