New Gas Gauge Sender

August 3, 2008

I have been a bit lax about working on the car. It has been running great so I have been driving it more than fixing it. However the gas gauge sender I screwed up when I rebuilt the fuel tank has been bugging me. Finally that is fixed.

A new sender is the answer but it was very hard to find. I found one at a swap meet that was not the right part but I thought might work. I was wrong. Finally in June I spotted one on e-Bay and won it. It is hard to believe this sender is 60 years old!
I stopped gassing the car up for 250 miles. That left only a few gallons in the tank. It took about three pans to empty the tank. Turns out the undercoating I used on the tank dissolves in gasoline but no harm done.
The dog really wanted to sleep right where I needed to work. In case I never mentioned it Buddy loves this car. Every time he goes into the garage he goes and stands next to the Studebaker in hopes of getting a ride. I think here he was checking my work.
Once I dropped the tank out the old sensor came out with 6 screws. The gasket my daughter made was still intact so I left it. Here I am doing some quick electrical tests to make sure the wiring is right. Just to be save I added a ground wire to make sure my carefully undercoated tank is grounded.
Once I bolted the tank back up the gauge read 1/3 full when empty. But it does read full when the tank is full. I can live with it.

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