Spring maintenance, 2019

Weather was nice today so I started the spring maintenance.  First thing to do was pull out the spark plugs.   They look super nice so I cleaned and gapped them.

Next points.   I dressed the points with a file and lubed the distributor.

Then I checked the gap.  It was dead on 20 thousands of an inch.   Weird.  That means the amount I filed off exactly matched the wear on the points.   Lucky!

Next warmed up the car and checked the timing with a timing light.  Looks good.    Then I changed the oil and greased the chassis and checked all the fluid levels.    I used a Purolator oil filter this time and the gasket did not fit well at all.  So I reused the old one.  Should have taken more pictures but I did not.

Cleaned and oiled the air filter.   I got dimensions on this.  I would like to find a paper air filter the same size because I doubt this was doing much.



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