Spring maintenance

It has been a while since I posted anything.  The car has been running great so not much to report.  And I have a new project sucking up lots of my time.  But I did do spring maintenance today.  I have shown most of this before but I do have some new #0 grease for the steering box.


This is a John Deere lubricant sold as “Corn Head Grease”.  As you might expect it is green and very, very slimy.  I cleaned out  my least favorite grease gun to hold this stuff.


Here is the target.  I pumped in a ounce or two.  We will see how it looks.  I also did the following:

  • Changed oil
  • Replaced filter and cleaned filter canister
  • Lubed chassis
  • Adjusted brakes
  • Cleaned fuel sediment bowl
  • Cleaned battery and battery tray
  • Serviced battery
  • Rotated tires
  • Topped off tranny
  • Topped off diff
  • Cleaned points (did not gap them or check timing.  Ran out of time)
  • Flushed and filled cooling system.  I kinda screwed up here.  I calculated the antifreeze quantity based on the capacity in the service manual.  I forgot (again) that the heater is being bypassed.  So my planned 50-50 mix is more like 70-30.  Whups.

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