New battery

The engine has been cranking a little slow lately.  I was all set to start cleaning all the connections when I checked the date on the battery and realized it was almost 10 years old.  I will be going to Mansfield for the International Studebaker meet and I am not going on a road trip on a 10-year-old battery.   Lets replace that.

The best deal I found on a 6V battery was at Rural King.  It is an Excide battery and actually has a vintage look with the screw-in caps.  This is the third battery I have put in this car.

New battery installed and ready to rock.

The old battery lives on in my Dad’s 1939 De Soto coupe.  We are trying to get this car running after 50 years or so.  This battery will be good enough for garage use while we work on the car.

66916.9 miles on the odometer.

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