2019 Studebaker International Meet

This year’s Studebaker meet is in Mansfield, Ohio about 60 miles from my house.   So of course I have to take the car. Cleaning, checking water and oil, packing tools, washing supplies, tent, chairs, and the all-important cooler.  Finally all was ready

Here is the car packed up and ready to go.   The drive to Mansfield went well.   I left Wednesday morning early and it was nice and cool.   The car ran well but the oil pressure was a little lower than usual.   I will have to check that out.   I am running a multi-weight diesel oil and it may be a bit thin for this car.  The brakes are also squealing again.  I will have to fix that soon.  I also tried to stay off the main roads so I was following a stupid-complex route.  But I made it OK. Just to keep things interesting I found oil seeping out of the back of the engine.   I might have a head gasket leak.   No water in the oil or oil in the water and I can’t see any signs of a compression leak so it might be just oil leaking out.  It is not a bad leak so I will just leave it alone for now.

At the show I parked next to a 41 Champion sedan.  We stayed paired up for the whole meet.  I was freaked out driving 60 miles and this guy drove down from near Buffalo.  Yes, I am a wuss.

Thursday was half of the judging including my Division 1 (Pre-war).   It had stormed overnight but I dried off the car and busted over to the judging building.   Lucky I did because it backed up quickly.  I was next in line at this point.   I was waiting here about 30 minutes.  I was pretty nervous, there are a lot of really nice cars here.

The judging itself went well.   Most of the deductions I expected.  I was surprised to get dinged for the backup lights not working.  Also there is supposed to be a rubber mat in the back that I did not know about.  But I could tell the judges were pleased with the car.  In the I snapped the picture above while the judges were fighting with the iPad app they were using to do the judging.   That really slowed things down.

I also took pictures about my favorite car of the meet.  This 1935 President has it all.  Folding top.  Rumble seat.  Sidemounts.   Swooping fenders and grille.  Straight-8 engine.   I am really jealous.

Friday we ended up doing touristy stuff and did not go to the meet.  But Saturday was the public car show.   I did not count the cars but there were at least a couple of hundred.  It stormed again overnight but Saturday the weather was perfect.

Finally at 2:00 there was the awards presentation.   Much to my surprise the car won 1st place with 380/400 points!  I was a bit excited…

After the awards I booked out of there and headed for home.  When I checked out the car to go home I found the fan belt was loose.  I tried to tighten it but ran out of adjustment.   Running home the car ran a bit hotter than usual which is probably the fan and water pump slipping.    I will have to replace the belt with a slightly shorter one.  Driving home I took a straight shot down US-42 which was easier and faster.   I got passed a lot but that is OK.

Back in the next.   Good job car!


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