Fan belt change

I have never changed the fan belt on the car.  During my trip to Mansfield I found the belt was starting to slip and I could not tighten it any more.  When I got home I took it off to see what was up.

Well this is not good.  Time for a new belt.  According to the internet the factory fan belt was 38.5″ and 11/32″ wide.   That belt size is no longer available.  The belt I took off was 39″.  I am going to try a shorter one…

Pulleys look good.  The generator bearings feel great.  There is a little wiggle in the water pump bearing but it is not leaking so I will leave it for now.

I ordered this belt from NAPA.  It is 38″ long and very green which I don’t like.  That green color means it is a heavy-duty belt.  It is also too short.  I could not get it over the pulleys.  I ordered a 39″ belt in non-heavy duty black.

This is attempt #2.  It is a NAPA 5L390 which is a rebranded Gates 3390.

The belt is tight but I am right at the end if the adjustment.  If the belt stretches at all I will have to work out some sort of way of extending the range that the generator can pivot.  But this is good for now.


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