2017 spring maintenance

OK, it is actually summer maintenance at this point.  But better late than never.  The poor Studebaker has not been getting much love lately because I have been spending a ton of time on my Jeep Jeepster.  But I am planning on doing some work this summer on the rear suspension.

I greased the chassis and lubed a bunch of stuff.  The only tricky thing this year was the rear universal joint.  My grease gun will not fit inside the joint so I had to unbolt the driveshaft from the differential then pump grease in while keeping the whole thing from flying apart.  It worked but I need to figure out a better way.

I pulled the plugs.  They look pretty healthy.  Maybe a little bit sooty but I am OK with it.  I also changed the oil and filter and topped off all the fluids.

I rotated the tires.  When I checked the log book I found I had a whole 1500 miles on the car since the last rotation.  Maybe I will let that go a few years.

This morning I cleaned the car inside and out and we are ready for another summer.


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