New pedal pads

I had a few minutes today so I decided to replace my pedal pads.   Both are worn and the brake pedal pad is broken

I bought these aftermarket pads on e-Bay.   They are not exactly the same (different pattern) but that does not bother me.

The pedal pads just unscrew from the pedals.  The clutch pedal came right off but the brake pedal disintegrated.   The metal tab on the clutch pedal is the “finger” that pushes the starter switch.  For some reason it had a big lock washer under it.

The threads on the pedals either did not go all the way through or had some kind of threadlocker in them .  That explains the lock washer, it was a spacer to keep the pedal from bottoming out.   I ran a tap through both holes to solve that problem.

This looks good!

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