Engine painting and front brakes

Time to start getting the car ready for the Studebaker meet in Mansfield and while I have no illusions about this being a 400 point car I want to make it look as nice as I can.  That means touching up the engine.   Back in 2010 I used hot engine oil to remove some paint from the head and now it is time to fix it.  I removed the plugs and cleaned up the engine with kerosene and naphtha.

I still have the paint I used.  Of course I can’t just start hosing down the engine compartment.   So I just sprayed some paint in a small jar and daubed it on with a brush.

I cleaned the spark plugs too when I put them back in.   That looks a lot nicer.

Next task is the front brakes.  They have been squealing a LOT lately.   Time to a look-see.

Here is what I found when I pulled the drums.   Looks like the front wheel cylinders are seeping a bit.   And the driver’s side (left picture) is showing some wheel bearing grease leaking.   Looking back I installed these cylinders new back in 2006 and last checked them in 2010.  Nine years ago they were not leaking at all but that was nine years ago.  I have two new cylinders and can rebuild these but I they are just seeping.   I will leave them for now and check them again to see how bad the leak is.

Here is everything cleaned up.   I carefully cleaned the brake shoes and the insides of the drums.  I scuffed up the drum surfaces with emery cloth.

I have never changed these the grease seals.   I have a few NOS genuine Studebaker seals, might as well use two and fix this.  I prepped the felt seals by soaking them in engine oil and putting some grease on them.


I inspected the bearings, they look like new.   I added some fresh grease to the bearings and installed the inner bearing.

Then I tapped in the new seals.  Drums are ready to install.

Next the outer bearings.   I adjusted the bearing preload and put new cotter pins on.   I also cleaned up and re-installed the dust caps. Then I adjusted the brakes.

While I had the wheels off I cleaned the tires and wheels then waxed the wheels.

I re-waxed the new bumpers too and took the car for a test drive.  Brakes are super quiet now.

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