Spring maintenance 2020

Usually I get the spring maintenance done in April but with my Dad’s passing and the pandemic I am WAY behind.  Here we go..

I just got this battery last year and the electrolyte is WAY low.  I have never had to put this much water in a battery.  I would suspect overcharging but I checked and it is fine.  I will just have to keep an eye on it.

One of the less pleasant things to do when changing the oil is to get the dirty oil out of the oil filter canister.  Usually I use my MityVac hand vacuum pump.  I have to empty it 5 times and it is slow.  I found this brass pump in my father’s stuff and snagged it.  I figured it would be a lot faster.  So I tried it.  But no joy.  The leather cups in the pump are shot.  I will have to see if I can find replacements. So I did it the old way.

New Wix 51006 filter.  This is the very same filter as the NAPA 1006.

New filter in and the canister filled up with oil.  Speaking of oil…

Before I cleaned the engine I used non-detergent oil.   Then I used Valvoline VR1 or Shell Rotella diesel oil.  But formulations have been changing for the diesel oil.  VR1 is formulated well for these old flat-tappet engines so I will just use that for now on.  The catch is the $7/qt cost.  I saved a little buying three cases.  Still a lot cheaper than an engine rebuild.

Only a little bit of crap in the fuel filter so that is good.  I used this gas to clean the air filter but I forgot to take pictures of that.

Now the dirty bit.  Greasing the chassis is a messy business. And I only got 2/3 of the way through when I ran out of grease.  That has never happened to me before.  I will have to finish when I get some more.  I topped off the transmission and differential.  I also adjusted the brakes again.

More wire damage down by the generator.  I “fixed” it with electrical tape.  I will have to consider a new wiring harness before too long, this is not getting any safer.

I also cleaned the points.  Those are getting elderly and I will probably replace them in a year or two.  Car is running well and should be good for the summer.  Needs a bath though.

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