New turn signal flasher

I figured out more than a year ago that my flasher was the reason the indicator light in my turn signal switch is not working. I have tried a couple of flashers. I even took one apart to see if I could modify it. Nothing worked. So I decided to throw technology at the problem.

I found this solid-state 6-V positive ground on It looked perfect so I ordered on. It came with a circuit diagram, the flasher, and a rubber mounting strap. Lets see if it works.
I plugged in the new flasher and used a jumper wire to attach the ground connection. Somehow I managed not to get the new flasher in the picture but it is there…
Bingo! It even clicks just like a mechanical one.
I thought about making a metal bracket to hold this thing or just leaving it hang under the dash. But I just decided to use the rubber holder it comes with. I zip-tied it in place using an existing hole. I reused the screw you see next to the cigar lighter to ground it. It works fine there and is right under where the speaker grill would be if the car had a radio so I can hear it clearly. That and the light should help keep me from driving around with the turn signal flashing. I think this pretty much finishes the turn signals. Still a few wiring jobs left to do. Both heater blower motors need new wires, as does the spotlight and the horn button. But that will have to wait for another day.

Carburetor repairs

Now that the weather is warming up I decided to try and fix some of the damage done by my now-ex rebuilder. JB Weld to the rescue?!? There were two stripped holes on the carb. The plan was to find a nice long screw that fits each hole, oil them so the epoxy will not stick, clean the holes, then goop the screws in. Once the epoxy hardens the screws will hopefully come out and leave better threaded holes than I have now.

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