Front suspension rattle fixed

Back in 2010 (wow, time flies!)  when I put the front stabilizer arms together the hardware on the inner ends of the arms was in rough shape.  I bought some nylon washers to replace the original leather washers and replaced the worn hardware.   But ever since there has been a rattle from up there.

Here is that I put together back then.  You can see one of the ruined washers at the bottom.

Here it is assembled.   The mistake I made is the arm is too loose on the shoulder bolt so it rattles every time the car hits a bump.

The fix I made (nine years later!) was to cut rubber washers out of an old inner tube.   I neglected to take pictures of this until it was already back together.   But things are a lot more quiet now.   I am not sure the rubber washers will hold up, but if they don’t I will make replacements out of leather.

Current mileage for future reference


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