Rear brake was falling off!

I realize I have not been doing a lot of Studebaker work this year. Working on the new shop has sucked up a lot of time and even more $$$ but it is basically done now.

Having a lift is amazing.

I threw the car on the lift to adjust the brakes. Front went well but when I got to the back I found this:

I realize the video is a little unsteady but the backing plate for the brake is obviously loose. I had heard occasional clunks when backing up and hitting the brakes. I bet this is the problem… So now I get to pull the hub.

First step, remove the axle nut and reverse it.
Hub puller installed. I have shown this before but don’t even think of owning a tapered-axle car without this tool!
Ready to hammer! I did not want hammer against the springs so I lowered the axle onto some jack stands. It still took a few whacks to pop the hub off.

Sure enough all the nuts on the backing plate bolts were just about finger tight. I would like to blame the 80-year-old lock nuts but I probably just did not tighten these enough when I cleaned these up a few years ago.
Just in case I found 4 new lock washers. An old one is at the bottom.
These are tight now! Compare the visible threads to the picture above.
I picked the car up to put everything back together. Here I am almost done but I need to lower the car to tighten the axle nut and put in a new cotter pin in.

After a test drive I washed and waxed the car. Have to get ready for the big Delaware Ohio car show next weekend. It was also down a quart so I added oil. When it gets low again I am changing the oil.

I really like this shot. Wax on, wax off…

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