Attempt #2 at the valve adjustment

The engine has not sounded right since I adjusted the valves. I already found one exhaust leak, which helped, but it still sounds wrong. Time to bite the bullet and figure out what is wrong.

Here we go again!

I just have to say again that this manifold is a PAIN to unbolt. You can only get a socket on the outer two nuts and you can only move the wrench 1/4 turn. At least the ratcheting box wrench fits.
Well, I made the right call. 3 of the 4 exhaust ports were leaking.
All were leaking on the manifold size.
Here is the leak I found and fixed before.
I should have done this before. This is not a machinists straight edge but it is pretty good. The manifold is not remotely flat. I will have to get it machined.
I have the gasket that worked for me before and I am sorely tempted to try it. But better to be sure and fix it right. Meanwhile, I can check the valves.
The valve covers were leaking a bit too. I will try working the sealant a bit better and tightening them up more. At least I got them off without tearing the gaskets.
Last time I had a heck of a time getting the camshaft in the right position to adjust the valves. I did what I should have done before and researched the best technique (at least for me). Start with the engine at TDC (or as my flywheel puts it “Upper dead center”.
Here is the technique I learned. Start with the firing order. 1-5-3-6-2-4 in my case. Stack them up:
These are the pairs. Cylinder 1 is easy, the engine is already at TDC. The next cylinder will be 5. Its “pair”, cylinder 2, will look like the picture above. Exhaust valve is open, intake valve is closed. Turn the engine over until the exhaust valve is fully closed and the intake just starts to open. Now 5 is ready to adjust.
Adjust the valves to spec then continue though the firing order until you are done. I found three valves that were a little two tight and two that were a bit loose. Nothing more than a few thou off, but still careless of me. All better now.
When putting the valve covers back on, it is possible to position them so they interfere with the manifold gasket. So I put the gasket in place to make sure everything is in OK.
This is as much as I can put together until the manifold is ready.
Speaking of the manifold, it looks like my ancient manifold coating is not good anymore. It is just coming off. The can says it is only good for 6 months once opened. This is maybe 8 years? I threw the can out. Anyway, when I get the manifold machined we can finish this up.

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