New tires

The tires on the car look great but they are 30 years old and rock-hard.  I was going to try and get another year or two out of them but I started to see cord though the rubber.  So I ordered new Coker Classic radials.  Wide white walls of course.  That and new tubes make these the most expensive tires I have ever bought.  I took them to Precision Alignment and Tire who as usual did a great job installing them.

Before and after shots:

Timing Tweaks

I have been setting the timing to factory settings but it seemed to idle badly and sometimes it backfires into the exhaust a little on deceleration. I decided to advance the timing a little and see if that helps. I bumped the timing up about 3-5 degrees. After adjusting the idle mixture the car seems to pull stronger and run better with no sign of abnormal combustion. I might try to push it up a few more degrees and see what happens.

New Site Format

This site has been static HTML since I started it. At the time I wanted to do more HTML and the hosting I was using did not have any worthwhile content management. But dinking with the pages is not as much fun any more and WordPress is really easy to use. So I created this WordPress site and migrated the old content. Now people can comment and I can quickly add posts and pages.

Major projects on the car will be pages on the left-hand menu. Quick updates and random thoughts will be posts like this one. Enjoy!